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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is any kind of marketing that’s done online a company’s own blog; Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and other social media platforms; and email. Businesses use digital marketing to connect with their target audience to establish their brand, build credibility and authority in an industry, or promote products and services. The key to digital marketing is engaging the right people with the right content using the right social channels.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that uses social media platforms — social networks like Facebook and Twitter, to promote products and services. It’s become a powerful way for businesses to engage with existing clients and reach new ones, and plays a vital part in the overall marketing for a business. Consumers use social media networks to research and find brands to follow and buy from.

Social Media Networks

Social media marketing platforms. These are Adobe Express’ picks for top social media sites in 2022 to help you decide which social media platforms are right for your brand and where to invest your time as you create your social media marketing strategy.

7 Top Social Media Sites You Need to Care About in 2022:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

There are many other reports, benchmarks and insights you can read and study when deciding which social networks are best for your business.

Social media marketing agencies

Social media marketing agencies are typically online digital marketing agencies. Not every business uses a social media marketing agency, but they can be extremely helpful with social media marketing in everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to building brand awareness. They provide a diverse range of services depending on the agency and package you choose. Some of the many services they offer include:

Measuring marketing campaigns

Social media strategy

A detailed social media strategy is necessary to create effective social media content. The social media strategy covers your social media objective; who you’re trying to reach; and what success looks like to you. It helps to focus efforts on what you want your “return” to be: website visitors; followers; reach; downloads; sales; engagement, and so on.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics tools are pieces of web application analysis software used to monitor, assess and improve social media performance. Social media analytics tools including the famous Google Analytics; along with Sprout Social; HubSpot and others track the social presence of a business.

Campaign measurement tools gather and analyze audience data for competitive and product research, and they provide strategic insights to use for optimizing marketing efforts.

Social Analytics are the social channels’ own analytics tool that are built-in, such as Twitter Analytics. These native analytics show you fast facts on how effective your efforts are on the channels, and help you find areas in need of improvement.

Google Analytics is the main way to track how people interact with your website. If you are new to digital marketing, or if you otherwise think you need to learn more about website or social media analytics, take a course in Google Analytics before you do anything else. (There are plenty of free ones).

Other tools, some free, include Google’s Campaign URL Generator. Campaign URLs track marketing efforts on a more detailed level so you can understand how effective they are in bringing relevant users to your site. Hashtag tracking tools like Social Searcher, All Hashtag , One Million Tweet Map, and Twubs show you how hashtags are being used on Twitter and other platforms.

What are social media metrics?

Social media metrics proves how successful your social media strategy is in achieving business objectives, enabling more informed decisions to be made.

The most important categories of social media metrics for small business marketing are awareness; engagement; conversion; and consumer metrics.

Awareness metrics measure current and potential audience.
Engagement metrics show how audiences interact with content.
Conversion metrics show the effectiveness of social engagement.
Consumer metrics tell how customers think and feel about a business.

Here’s a list of metrics you can track, depending on your social media strategy and what’s important to your business.

  • Reac — Brand awareness
  • Impressions
  • Social media followers
  • Profile and page visits
  • Total engagements — total likes, comments, and shares
  • Video views
  • Link clicks on Call To Action (CTA) buttons, Linktree, Bitly and other links
  • Website traffic and website traffic from social media
  • Conversions — Sales, downloads, applications
  • Share of voice
  • Sentiment
  • Conversational trends

What are data analytics?

Data analytics help businesses increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and bolster customer service efforts. Purpose-built data analytics tools track the success and reach of a campaign or post, allowing businesses to drive leads and sales effectively. While the ultimate goal of data analytics is to boost performance, emerging market trends can also be identified quickly, giving businesses a competitive edge.

What is social media outreach?

Social media outreach is using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to raise awareness for your brand or content, or to build new relationships.

These social media marketing outreach templates from Sprout Social have sample copy that you can replace with your own information. The templates include:

  • Monthly report and team update emails
  • Networking emails for brand collaborations, potential hires and mentorship opportunities
  • Direct message (DM) templates with the character requirements for networks like Twitter and LinkedIn

Download the templates from Sprout Social here.

10+ Social Media Marketing Email Templates | Sprout Social

Collaboration Email Templates

Pitch collaboration emails are used when reaching out to potential marketing partners and influencers for your products or services. Email templates help with writing collaboration emails and pitch emails.

Introduce yourself and your brand. Tell them you’d like to collaborate with them on an Instagram campaign. Keep the message concise, suggesting a video call or meeting in person to talk about the campaign details.




I’m an accountant and freelance content writer who thrives on researching the latest topics and trends in small business tax, accounting, finance and marketing.

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Candace J. Dixon

Candace J. Dixon

I’m an accountant and freelance content writer who thrives on researching the latest topics and trends in small business tax, accounting, finance and marketing.

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