QuickBooks Updates Spring 2022

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April 2022

Spreadsheet Sync for QuickBooks Online Advanced

Spreadsheet Sync for QuickBooks Online Advanced enables two-way synching with Excel and expands reporting and analysis capabilities for mid-sized businesses using QuickBooks Online Advanced. A QuickBooks survey of mid-sized businesses with 10 to 100 employees found that approximately 30% of customers proactively named integration with Microsoft as the #1 integration requirement to help them maintain data accuracy efficiently.

Spreadsheet Sync minimizes manual data entry and the complications of CSV imports and exports without having to use new tools. Customers can connect their QuickBooks Online Advanced data directly with Excel to build customized reports and analyses and perform bulk uploads and edits without compromising convenience or data accuracy. Customers can bulk upload and edit transactions from Excel back to QuickBooks and consolidate data from multiple companies in QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Key Benefits:

  1. Data stays in sync: Data in Excel can be added and edited in bulk and synced directly to QBO Advanced.
  2. Deeper financial insights: Business performance can be tracked by leveraging Excel to customize reports with QBO Advanced data. Pre-made templates, consolidated reports for multiple companies, and refreshed data are accessible with one click.
  3. Power of Excel and QBO Advanced combined: Data can be manipulated and flexible workflows can be created with familiar tools when Excel and QBO Advanced are working together.

Businesswire Press Release: QuickBooks Introduces Spreadsheet Sync to Address Pain Point for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Centage Planning Maestro Premium App Integration with QuickBooks Online Advanced

Centage’s new premium app brings automated budgeting and planning to QuickBooks Online Advanced customers.

QuickBooks App Store

The Planning Maestro Premium App for QuickBooks Online Advanced provides a two-way sync of financial data between QuickBooks Online Advanced and Planning Maestro for improved efficiency with fewer manual processes and greater confidence in data quality and integrity.

The integration brings QuickBooks Online Advanced data into Planning Maestro, where a first-pass budget and key reports can be created. Users can run what-if scenarios, collaborate and gather feedback on the budget before exporting it to QuickBooks Online Advanced for approval. Planning Maestro’s reporting capabilities provide integrated cash flow, balance sheet and income statements and automated, accurate forecasts.

Cision PR Newswire Press Release: Centage Announces Premium App for QuickBooks Online Advanced

QuickBooks Early Pay Gives Small Business Employees Access to Money Before Payday

QuickBooks Early Pay is a feature in QuickBooks Online Payroll that provides eligible employees paid through QuickBooks Online Payroll with the option of instant access to money between paydays. An eligible employee will be able to apply for funds personalized for them based on their pay history in just a few steps. Employees can receive the funds instantly, or within 1–2 business days. Early Pay will be included in QuickBooks Online Payroll at no additional cost to employers, and have no impact on their books or payroll.

Answers to FAQs:

BUSINESSWIRE Press Release: Intuit QuickBooks Gives Small Businesses and Their Employees Faster Access to Money With Two New Fintech Solutions

QuickBooks Early Pay loans are issued by WebBank. Early Pay is made available to consumers through QuickBooks Workforce and Intuit Financing Inc., dba QuickBooks Capital. Expedited deposit feature is subject to eligibility; there may be delays for new users and availability for only some transactions. Product name, features, terms and conditions subject to change. * QuickBooks Payroll subscription required.

Connect to Square App

The legacy Sync to Square app will be retired on May 15, 2022. The new Connect to Square app will make the transition for QuickBooks Online users easier.

Step-by-step instructions to connect your Square account to QuickBooks Online:

Here’s what’s different:

You can connect multiple Square locations, import item and customer details, and group sales by payout.

Transactions brought in can be found on the App Transaction tab. You have the ability to review them before adding them to your books. Once you add them, the app creates sales receipts with matching deposits. You can change preferences in the app settings.

Washington State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Rate Change Capability

Washington recently released unemployment insurance rates that were automatically updated for QuickBooks Payroll customers with their automated taxes and forms turned on.

Customers with automated taxes and forms turned off can now adjust their SUI rate for Washington state on their own within QuickBooks Online Payroll. This flexibility is expected to come for other states as well.




I’m an accountant and freelance content writer who thrives on researching the latest topics and trends in small business tax, accounting, finance and marketing.

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Candace J. Dixon

Candace J. Dixon

I’m an accountant and freelance content writer who thrives on researching the latest topics and trends in small business tax, accounting, finance and marketing.

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